György Falus leads the Survey’s research project on the assessment of subsurface hydrogen storage potential in Hungary. He also oversees CO2 geological storage projects and manages the compilation of the National Mineral Resource Management Strategy.
György Falus has been responsible for subsurface storage projects since 2006 when he joined an EU-funded R&D project dealing with CO2 geological storage as the representative of the Institution. He has been involved since 2006 in several EU funded and national projects dealing with energy-related advanced use of the subsurface. He also leads the Department of Geology and Geoinformatics. While working at the Mining and Geological Survey, he also supervised CO2 storage-relates B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. studies at ELTE and Miskolc University.
György Falus holds a PhD in Geology/Geography at University of Szeged, has an M.Sc. in Geology at ELTE and is an Expert in Energy Management at Szent István University.