István Joó is the CEO of the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA) and Government Commissioner for Investment Promotion and Implementation of Large FDI Projects.
Previously, István gained a decade of experience at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary in different roles such as Deputy State Secretary for External Economic Relations and Deputy State Secretary for Export Development. As Ministerial Commissioner he was the chief organiser of the 2016 and the 2019 Budapest Water Summits, and as Government Commissioner he was responsible for the Planet Budapest 2021 Sustainability Expo and Summit. Earlier in his career, he worked at the European Parliament as an advisor. He holds an Executive Master of Business Administration and an Energy Specialist and Economic Agricultural Engineer degree.

Mr. Jason Chen has been working in the automotive industry for more than 20 years and has experience in the field of operations, automation, body and chassis, lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicle and energy storage system, as well as launching the green field plant.

He studied mechatronics engineering and completed his Bachelor of Engineering in China.
His illustrious career has taken him to diverse corners of the globe, including Canada, China, Germany and Hungary. In December 2018, he joined the company CATL and has played a pivotal role in launching and operating the battery production plants in China and in Germany. In November 2022, Mr. Chen embarked on a new chapter, taking charge of launching the battery plant in Debrecen, Hungary.

Thore leads since 4 years the Industrial part of the European Battery Alliance, EBA250, with the task to promote and develop the European Battery Industry.
Thore MSc, MBA, has 36 years of experience at management positions in system business related to electric power conversion within ABB and Bombardier Transportation.
He has consistently been working with technologies enabling the transformation to sustainability in the power and transport sectors.

Mina is a Senior Research Analyst at Rho Motion reading the battery recycling studies, the Battery Recycling Quarterly Outlook and Monthly Battery Recycling Assessment, and also works on battery recycling consulting projects. Prior to joining Rho Motion, she was an IT and energy analyst, mainly working on semiconductor and photovoltaic energy consulting projects. Mina holds a Master’s Degree in Economics from the Royal Holloway University of London.

Éltex Kft. is one of the leaders of the Hungarian industrial waste market. Mr. Vermes has joint the company in 2004., when he took his father’s place as General Manager.

After graduating from the University of Debrecen, he obtained a qualification in environmental engineering and then became a Master of Business Administration. He is also qualified as ’Environmental Consultant’, ’Dangerous Material Transport Consultant’ and ‘Domestic and Foreign Freight Transporter’.
Due to his qualifications and extensive practical experience, he has a great insight into the domestic and international waste management market and its changes.

Mr. Vermes is the Head of the hazardous waste department at HOSZ (Hungarian Waste Management Federation) and at the request of the federation, he joined The European Recycling Industries' Confederation’s WEEE Battery Fire Working Group to help the committee with his day-to-day work experience on the Li-ion battery field.

Éltex Kft. is currently the waste treatment service provider for Hungary's largest Li-ion battery factories, and its partners include the most important European, North American and Asian waste processors. The company's service spectrum covers the entire range of battery processing, which also fulfills the corporate goal of Éltex; supporting the circular economy.

Robert (Bob) L. Galyen, age 67, is recognized as one of the top executives in the battery energy storage world and within science/engineering-based communities. He is a highly sought-after public speaker as a subject matter expert. His positions as CTO of CATL (the world’s largest battery manufacturer), Chairman of SAE International Battery Standards Steering Committee, also an SAE Fellow, Chairman Emeritus and CTO of NAATbatt International, provides him a unique leadership perspective in the global battery industry. His degrees in chemistry and biology, along with decades of engineering experience and executive roles, provides him a unique view in a leadership or consulting role in cross functional technology areas. He has patents, publications and participates on multiple BOD’s and TAB’s. The 46 years’ international work experience has given him a visionary perspective on worldwide business, making him uniquely qualified as a global energy storage and scientific/engineering community thought leader. His manufacturing experience qualifies him as one of the top Lithium-Ion Battery producers (CATL) and Lead Acid Battery producers (Delco Remy Division of GM) in the world. He presently works with over 8 different battery systems in his consulting roles. Bob is married with 3 children and 8 grandchildren.

Tamas Bakos, a seasoned professional with close to two decades of rich experience, has made a distinctive mark in providing high-quality, energy-efficient, and reliable solutions for compressed air, nitrogen, and oxygen across a plethora of industrial segments and applications. He has set a standard in optimizing Life Cycle Cost, thus establishing a reputation for superior value and reliability in the sector. Currently at the helm as the Regional General Manager for Atlas Copco, Tamas oversees operations in Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia & Herzegovina. His unwavering commitment to sustainability, a core value for Atlas Copco Group, echoes his dedication and professional acumen, particularly within the global automotive and battery industries.

Tamas's extensive international experience spans 15 years with the company, providing him with a rich tapestry of global network and established connections across all Atlas Copco customer centers worldwide. This wide-reaching network allows him to effectively share and apply industry-leading practices in battery manufacturing processes pertaining to compressed air and industrial gas generations especially with colleagues in China, South Korea, and Germany.

Equipped with an MSc degree in Management and Engineering, Tamas not only holds the technical prowess but also the strategic vision to drive his organization forward. He leverages this unique combination to craft optimal solutions that perfectly align technology with economic aspects meeting and often surpassing project expectations.

Beyond the realm of work, Tamas finds joy in his personal life. He is happily married and a proud father to 17-year-old twins. His well-rounded personality and professional expertise are testaments to his illustrious career and his inspiring journey in the industry.

Keith Gough, a dedicated family man, visionary, inventor, and a man on a mission to change the world. His lifelong affinity for electronics began in childhood when he would upgrade and resell radios for his secondary school peers to tune into pirate radio broadcasts. This early fascination blossomed into a distinguished career, with Keith earning recognition from royalty for inventing a television chip now used worldwide.

Keith's journey hasn't been without its trials. During the SARS epidemic, his company Global Tech faced severe challenges. Yet, Keith's tenacious spirit shone through as he persevered and led his company out of that difficult time. This resilience set the stage for his next significant achievement. By 2012, he began creating the first AC-coupled inverter and Bi-directional hybrid inverter in 2016 a development that set him on the path to establishing Sunsynk Ltd.

Sunsynk is Keith's vision of a future where homes are powered sustainably has led to the development of a revolutionary platform. This platform empowers users to effectively manage their stored energy and electrical use, transforming the concept of independent power capabilities. By providing reliable and environmentally friendly energy solutions, Keith's innovation addresses the needs of those seeking sustainable power options. His forward-thinking perspective continues to drive innovation and positive disruption in the renewable energy space.

In his role as the founder of Sunsynk, Keith intertwines his commitment to family and community with his business ethos. With three of his children actively involved in Sunsynk, and as a proud grandfather of four, he leads a family-oriented business that keeps people at its heart.

Along with the rapid evolution of technology, Keith's core values remain steadfast. His unwavering faith in the people around him has been reciprocated, fostering the steady growth of Sunsynk, and creating an atmosphere and environment where people are empowered to shine.

Keith Gough is more than an inventor or a visionary. He is a man dedicated to empowering the future with sustainable energy, changing the world one home at a time, and revolutionizing the way individuals control their energy use. His perseverance and innovative spirit continue to drive the growth and success of Sunsynk Ltd today.

Viktor Horváth, is the deputy state secretary for energy transition in the Ministry for Energy of Hungary. He is responsible for strategic planning, programming of EU funds in the energy sector, utilization of non weather dependent renewable energies and hydrogen policy. He has 25 years experience in the public administration int he fields of strategic planning, EU financial programming and energy.

Born in Naples in 1978, graduated in Economics by Federico II University, finalized his specialized studies first with a Corporate Banking Master in SDA Bocconi and later with an additional specialistic PhD in New Banking & Entrepreneurship with Udine Faculty and Cassamarca foundation.
After several working experience both in consulting and accounting, he started in 2003 his career within UniCredit Group in the newly Corporate Bank in different commercial oriented roles in various Italian regions. After 7 years started an international path which bring him first in Wien in CEE Division covering role of Country Manager for 4 banks of the Group (such as Serbia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Romania). Later he took over the International Corporate client’s coverage for the Romanian subsidiary before moving, in 2019, in Hungary where is currently Managing Director – Head of International & Multinational Corporate customers and member of Extended Management Board of the local bank.
He covered also the role of Italian desk deals coordinator in CEE Division for all outbound Italian business in Central Eastern Europe and he was active board member for more than 3 years of Italian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce. Besides Italian, he is fluent in English and French.