Gergely Fábián

State Secretary, Ministry for Economic Development of Hungary

He is a Popovics award-winning financial analyst, a certified financial economist, and the State Secretary responsible for industrial policy and technology at the Ministry for Economic Development.
He was born in Kaposvár, where he obtained his first degree. Then he graduated in economics from Maastricht University in 2009.
He started his career at the Magyar Nemzeti Bank in 2009 and after holding a number of positions and many years of professional experience, he was appointed Managing Director in 2017.
At the same time, he also served as the CEO of the Budapest Institute of Banking Zrt. and the Managing Director of MNB-EduLab Kft., while he played a prominent role as the director of the opening of the Money Museum of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank.
From December 2022, he support the work of the Minister for Economic Development as State Secretary responsible for industrial policy and technology. In the course of his professional work, he attaches importance to increasing the competitiveness of Hungarian industry and to the planning and implementation of programmes that promote the technological development of Hungarian companies.

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