Markus Tatzer

CEO, Porsche Holding MOON POWER GmbH

Markus Tatzer is the CEO of MOON POWER GmbH since October 2021. He joined Porsche Holding in 2013 and held different management positions in wholesale and retail and worked in different countries in Europe. He started as a car mechanic apprentice, studied engineer and finished a master's degree in entrepreneurship at the FH Wien.

Active in Europe, South America and Asia, MOON POWER GmbH is a brand of Porsche Holding Salzburg — which is part of the Volkswagen Group — as well as the ‘e-mobility enabler’ for Europe’s largest car dealership. As it paves the way for the future of sustainable mobility, MOON POWER has been supplying its brand-agnostic charging infrastructure and energy management solutions since 2018 — and now has a presence in 18 countries. These solutions range from wall charging units and fast-charging stations to batteries and solar installations.

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