Péter Vermes

General Manager, Éltex

Éltex Kft. is one of the leaders of the Hungarian industrial waste market. Mr. Vermes has joint the company in 2004., when he took his father’s place as General Manager.

After graduating from the University of Debrecen, he obtained a qualification in environmental engineering and then became a Master of Business Administration. He is also qualified as ’Environmental Consultant’, ’Dangerous Material Transport Consultant’ and ‘Domestic and Foreign Freight Transporter’.
Due to his qualifications and extensive practical experience, he has a great insight into the domestic and international waste management market and its changes.

Mr. Vermes is the Head of the hazardous waste department at HOSZ (Hungarian Waste Management Federation) and at the request of the federation, he joined The European Recycling Industries' Confederation’s WEEE Battery Fire Working Group to help the committee with his day-to-day work experience on the Li-ion battery field.

Éltex Kft. is currently the waste treatment service provider for Hungary's largest Li-ion battery factories, and its partners include the most important European, North American and Asian waste processors. The company's service spectrum covers the entire range of battery processing, which also fulfills the corporate goal of Éltex; supporting the circular economy.

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