Keith Gough

CEO, Sunsynk Limited

Keith Gough, a dedicated family man, visionary, inventor, and a man on a mission to change the world. His lifelong affinity for electronics began in childhood when he would upgrade and resell radios for his secondary school peers to tune into pirate radio broadcasts. This early fascination blossomed into a distinguished career, with Keith earning recognition from royalty for inventing a television chip now used worldwide.

Keith's journey hasn't been without its trials. During the SARS epidemic, his company Global Tech faced severe challenges. Yet, Keith's tenacious spirit shone through as he persevered and led his company out of that difficult time. This resilience set the stage for his next significant achievement. By 2012, he began creating the first AC-coupled inverter and Bi-directional hybrid inverter in 2016 a development that set him on the path to establishing Sunsynk Ltd.

Sunsynk is Keith's vision of a future where homes are powered sustainably has led to the development of a revolutionary platform. This platform empowers users to effectively manage their stored energy and electrical use, transforming the concept of independent power capabilities. By providing reliable and environmentally friendly energy solutions, Keith's innovation addresses the needs of those seeking sustainable power options. His forward-thinking perspective continues to drive innovation and positive disruption in the renewable energy space.

In his role as the founder of Sunsynk, Keith intertwines his commitment to family and community with his business ethos. With three of his children actively involved in Sunsynk, and as a proud grandfather of four, he leads a family-oriented business that keeps people at its heart.

Along with the rapid evolution of technology, Keith's core values remain steadfast. His unwavering faith in the people around him has been reciprocated, fostering the steady growth of Sunsynk, and creating an atmosphere and environment where people are empowered to shine.

Keith Gough is more than an inventor or a visionary. He is a man dedicated to empowering the future with sustainable energy, changing the world one home at a time, and revolutionizing the way individuals control their energy use. His perseverance and innovative spirit continue to drive the growth and success of Sunsynk Ltd today.

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