Robert Dominko

Research Professor, National Institute of Chemistry; Professor, University of Ljubljana

Robert Dominko is a Research Professor at the National Institute of Chemistry and a Professor at the University of Ljubljana. He is the head of the battery group at the National Institute of Chemistry and deputy director of the ALISTORE-ERI network. He obtained his Ph.D. in Materials sciences in 2002 from the University of Ljubljana. Since his Ph.D. study, his research interests are in the field of materials science and electrochemical systems for energy storage, with main activities in the field of modern battery systems. Between 2009 and 2010 he worked in UPJV, Amiens, where he started the development of Li-S batteries. He was the coordinator of two large-scale EU projects focused on the development of Li-S batteries. He has published close to 200 publications and he is coauthor of 15 patents and patent applications. His current research interests are focused on different types of multivalent batteries and the implementation of smart functionalities in battery cells. He is strongly connected with the Battery 2030+ initiative and with Batteries Europe, where he is one of the co-leaders of the task force preparing a strategy on the education level. He is involved in the MESC master program and in the doctoral school DESTINY. He is a member of the Slovenian Academy of Engineering.

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