Sándor Kertész


Sándor Kertész is the CEO of INFOWARE Zrt. since 1997. He graduated at the Technical University of Budapest as Electrical Engineer in 1982. INFOWARE became one of the leading private companies in Hungary on providing solutions for the Electric Energy Market Segment under his more than 25 years of leadership. Under his technical and business control, INFOWARE performed several innovative developments and installations of high and medium-voltage substations, power plants, renewable plants and battery storage and microgrid systems. He taught “Digital Technology” at the Electrical Faculty of the Technical University of Budapest from 1982 till 1992. He also taught the “Substation Automation Systems” course for the Electrical Faculty of Óbuda University since 2013. As an honour of his educational activities, the Óbuda University of Budapest awarded him the Associate Professor status in 2017.
He is also the Vice president of the Hungarian Solar Association and the inventor of several patents related to electricity automation applications.

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